Social Enterprise

MyKimisms, LLC is a social enterprise with a 80/20 model, which 20% of top line revenue is donated to non-profit organizations. Clients can leverage this model with MyKimisms, LLC by sending 20% of the invoice payments directly to a non-profit organization on our behalf.

Our Clients

The current client list for MyKimisms, LLC includes enterprise companies like eBay and non-profit organizations like the Health Commons Project. However, our Founder does many individual consulting for executives who are making a difference from the inside out from their organizations. Many include executives from telecom, aerospace, and finance.

About our Founder

MyKimisms, LLC was founded by Kim “Kimfer” Flanery-Rye. Kimfer’s friends used to dub her phrases as Kimisms. Adopted from Korea at the young age of 10, English is her second language but also has become her native language. However, those darn colloquialisms just wasn’t her strength, so thus Kimisms become the norm. Now with her focus on inclusion through diversity, equity and accessibility, with so many “isms” out in the world from racism, sexism, ageism, ableism, and more, she felt this name appropriately represented her work.

Kimfer is the first-ever elected VP of DEI to the Board of Directors for the American MarketingAssociation Puget Sound Chapter as well as the first-ever DEI leader for AMA nationwide. She is working to bring DEI awareness, change, and the importance of impact to the greater marketing community.

If you’d like to read more about Kimfer, her full bio and works can be found HERE and HERE.

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